A lifetime experience awaits you! Patchwork-Mandala is coming to Muroto !The world's largest "symbol of peace" which also met with the Dalai Lama's approval.
It is the 4th exhibition in Japan, the first exhibition in 10 years.It's made with more than 10,000 people in 16 countries,beyond the boundaries of the country, race, religion, politics etc and together with the wish of "world Peace"Patchwork-Mandala was sewn together.Mandala is said to describe the world view preaching the path to a world without conflict.Indeed, through this 144,000 peaceful prayersit is the largest message of love and peace sends out to the world from Japan.So at the end of this year, why don't you join us to see, touch, and experience the big great Mandala that plans to apply for Guinness World Records?
Mandara image
All 3-days pass ticket for the event!

"The 144,000 Peace prayer" is a event to think and seek for truly peaceful world for everyone from all over the world. It's a festival to pray, watch, feel and think with not only ourselves but with parents, children, all generations.

Currently the international situation becomes unstable, and conflicts occur frequently around the world. On the other hand, as it is said it's the era of "everyone is seeking peace". We hope everyone can live everyday in calm with ones you care, families, relatives, trustworthy friends, loved ones. And we hope that everyone wants, seeks such a "peaceful world" and that it'll be so.

This time, for 3-days from October 21 (Friday) to 23 (Sunday), at Muroto City, Kochi, where many cultures were born and certified as a World Geopark by UNESCO, we pray for the peace of the "True world peace" to be born and will spread it to the world.

"Patchwork · Mandala" known as a symbol of peace.
"Prayer of Homura (the fire)" which symbolizes the world's prayers and wishes.

Through experiences of these two events of peace, we hope it'll be the chance to look back the bond, the connection between you and others. Let's make it the day of beginning to a bright, peaceful world pass to next generations in 10 years, even 100years.

Event schedule

There will be two experiential venues: the Prayer of Homura (fire), and the Patchwork-Mandala.

144, 000 peaceful prayers Day 1, Friday 21st Oct.
will be held in a special ceremony program to pray for the world's permanent peace.

The event will start with the opening declaration by Executive Committee Masahiro Ogawa. And then, we will perform a ceremony of the "Prayer of Homura" to start the fire. After that, we'll move to the Hotel Myozyo which located on just across the road. All participants will have some moments to share awareness for peace through the lecture by Mr. Katsuhito Funai, the representative director of Funai head office and other special guests. And at the end, we'll hold a ceremony party to welcome every one of you participants gathering from all over the country.
※ There will be no exhibition of the Patchwork-Mandala on Friday the 21st.
※ Participation fee for the party is 5,000 yen, not included in the tour fee.

"Patchwork-Mandala", the world's largest and impressed more than 100, 000 people will be exhibited!

This will the 4th exhibition in Japan, first in 10 years. 10,000 people from 16 countries were involved in making the Mandala beyond the boundaries of country, race, religion, politics and stitched together with the wish of "world Peace". The size is 70m in length and 50m in width and that's the world's largest for patchwork-mandala. It's about the size of a baseball ground.

If you'd like, please let us know and you can touch, feel, unfold and fold the Mandala with your family and friends. You may be able to see the Patchwork-Mandala again in next 10 years, but this might be the first and the last chance to touch freely. Don't miss the chance to make great memories and bonds with your family and friends.

* If you wish to spread and fold the Patchwork-Mandala, please let us executive committee know through the e-mail address below.
Contact: funakosho@earthkeepercrystal.com
* On the day we have a parking lot near the venue.
Please come directly to the park and park in the designated place according to the instructions by the staff.
* In case of rain, the event will be canceled.

We will burn a "Peace plate" containing a message of peace gathered from all over the world.

Since ancient times, wishing and prayers have been done by using flames.

Following its customs, we will burn the plate to sublimate the messages for world peace.

Currently, more than 2, 000 peaceful prayer plates are being delivered one after another every day from all over the world .

Each plate contains a message for peace.

On the day of the event, the plates will be burnt at 【Myozyolaieiji】temple where at the east coast of Muroto City.

We will sublime the prayers of world Peace at the place where the young Kukai fulfilled the awakening of consciousness.

If you come to the venue on the day, you can burn a prayer plate of peace by yourself. Also, there is a rare, golden nirvana statue behind the statue of white Youth Kukai. This is the only place you can see Kukai and Nirvana statues together. (Entrance fee for Myozyolaieiji is not included in the tour.)

* There is no parking space in the venue.
We'll prepare parking space at "Hotel Geopark Yumejitou" near the venue so please follow the instructions by the staff.
* In case of light rain the event still be on but in case of heavy rain it will be canceled.

Tour plan & price

For those coming from outside the prefecture we've prepared two special tours.
Please design schedule and apply with your selection.
We'll close on 5th October(Wed), so if you wish to apply, do as soon as possible!!
- The tour is over-

We invited the world's largest "Patchwork-Mandala" for the event of "144, 000 peaceful prayers" to be held this year.

This Mandala, plans to be apply to Guiness World Record, is so big as 70m long and 50m wide, can be expanded only in the broad place such as stadium.

To spread and fold, more than 100 people and 3.5 million yen are needed for this exhibition.
For that reason, we really need your support. Please join us and have a moment to think about world peace once again, and feel how lucky to live in peace with your family. And for the realization of the event to sense the peace, we really need your support with sponsorship and donation.

About use for sponsorship and donation

We appreciate your cooperate even from 1 yen.
To those who cooperate with more than 10, 000 yen, we will present limited edition souvenir and thanks gift with serial number.
All amount that donated will be fully allocated to the "Patchwork-Mandala" exhibition on the event.

About the transfer

* Please write "donation" before the transfer holder name. Example) If Mr.Taro Kouchi donates funds transferred person's name will be : Donation Taro Kouchi

<transfer between japan post bank (Yucho bank) >

Account number 16420-15282361
Account holder name) Creek
* If it is between Japan Post Bank (Yucho) , the commission is free.

<transfer from other bank>

Yucho Bank 648 branch (648)
Saving account number 1528236
Account name Creek

* All bank charges must be paid by the customer.
* Creek Co., Ltd. is in charge of all administration of the executive committee of 144,000 peaceful prayers.

For those who have difficulty coming to Muroto on the day

We set up a time for "Peace prayers around the world".
In "144,000 Peace Prayer", we set "World Time of peace pray" to pray at the
same time so you can be at anywhere to participate even if it's hard to join us in Muroto, Kochi.
And we can pray with our heart as one from all over the world.

Therefore, you can be anywhere; local, at work, even at home to participate in a prayer of Peace.

21st October (Friday) 15: 00 ~
22nd October (Sat) 15: 00 ~
23rd October (Sun) 15: 00 ~

To align everyone's heart, "World Time of peace pray" starts at 15'o click for these 3 days,
Please pray for world Peace together for about 5 minutes. In addition,
we have decided our "words of prayer".
Please cooperate on the day to pray together at 15: 00 toward the realization of "world Peace".

A Prayer for the 144,000 Peace Prayers in the world.

~ "World Time of peace pray" starts from Pacifico  Yokohama ~

Also, the prayer of "World Time of peace pray" starts on Saturday, October 15th and Sunday, 16th from Funai Forum 2016 Pacifico Yokohama.

Funai Forum 2016 Brochure

At Pacifico Yokohama, participants will join together at the main venue where accommodates 5,000 guests and pray for world peace.

Pacifico Yokohama venue

Praying for peace with speakers and other participants will echo through the pray in Muroto 21st to 23rd October, and to be a first and greatest experience to work for change consciousness of people around the world ever!
Let 's open the door to Peace together with the moment of miracle that happens in the Funai Forum 2016, titled "the time to break the seal".

Funai Forum 2016 Brochure

Download brochure

Prayer chant · apology statement

In the prayer of 144, 000 Peace of Peace, we collect "one's wish for Peace" and "messages for peace".

Prayer plate

"It is time now for a woman (Onago) shall rise.You must not send men to any war.No son should be killed.Women, stand up and spell a prayer on the Gomagi (peaceful praying plate).We must make a world without war.Distribute 144,000 of Gomagi to women and children.Number the plates and the result shall surely come out.Gomagi is the power of the guard, burns sore high.

Please give this "peaceful praying plate" (same as "Gomagi" a wood for burning with a holy fire.) to someone important to you, people who understand our goal and would join us, as a prayer for the world to be in peace.

Prayer tree image
(1) Please group the plates in a unit of 10.
(2) Please distribute a prayer plate for 500 yen per plate for those who wills to support.
500 yen includes base price of plate, praying fee at the day of the event, and operational expenses.
(3) How to write the prayer on the pray plate: Put your address, name and age on the surface. And write the message of prayer for peace on the back side.
(4) When burning a prayer plate, we'll confirm the identity of those who filled in.
Please cooperate so that all required items are filled in enclosed blank name list.
※PC e-mail address is priority to other such as mobile.
(5) After the festival for Peace ends, we will send you a final report on the event to the address on the list you've filled.
(6) Please send us the name list by fax to 088-856-9113 when 10 supporters are joined together.
(7) When you gather up all 10 plates, please send it to the address below and pay 5000 yen (500 yen × 10 plates ) via transfer forms or bank below.
Transfer destination

the apology statement

If there is a heart of apology, there should be no enemy and both will be saved.
A heart of apology would ends the fight
No matter how much we preach peace, it's just a speculation if it's without the word of apology.
Even small words, small acts or small mistakes
We sometimes cannot forgive.
Sometimes one word of apology could end malice.
If you apologize sincerely even with a single word, that would make your feeling much lighter.
If you apologize before chanting 
a message of Peace, a message of love
One word of love grows to ten, to one thousand and to ten thousand
It changes to infinite wave of love and evolves.

"144, 000 Peace Prayers Mandala Muroto in Tosa", take place on 21st to 23rd on October in Muroto, is the event to pray with everyone cross all religions, sects, politics and political parties for peace of the earth.
With wars, Natural disasters, and many other reasons world, the earth suffers. We pray for the world to be calm in peace.
And for that we must calm our own heart first.
"Water", keeps everything clean and beautiful, makes us feel bright both mind and body.
So let's write things that bothers you down on paper and discharge it into water. You'll be able to keep true calm and peace in your heart.
We recommend you to take another good look at yourself, and with writing down how you feel, you'll feel much better and we can share a peaceful time together.

(1) You can enter apologies from one.
(2) Please write down your regret that hurts your heart and let go.
(3) The form does not matter. You can write in free format.
(4) For inquiries about "the apology statement", contact 088-882-1081.
(5) We won't charge you for writing "the apology statement", but donations are welcomed.
Anything, even very small things are welcomed if you have something you want to apologize.

Nationwide briefing session by Executive Committee President Masahiro Ogawa.

144,000 peaceful prayers Mandala Muroto in Tosa lecture and explanatory meetings are successfully being held over the country!!

144, 000 peaceful prayers Mandala Muroto in Tosa Nationwide briefing schedule
Date Venue Place Time
All schedule ended successfully.
Thank you for your participation.

* We are looking for volunteers who can organize or help us with the event with the notation of "Schedule to be held".
* The place with notation of ”We will hold!” is that only schedules and holdings are confirmed but yet not the venue. Please understand.

【Participation fee (It may differ for each venue.) 

◎General participation fee 3,000 yen

◎Members of the Funai Group (Ningen Club, The Funai Readers, Honmono-Kenkyusho Institute Agents etc) can participate with 2,000 yen (tax included) !!

Still more! If you can participate in pairs with your friends or loved ones, pair discount for special price will be applied. It'll be 2,000 yen (tax included) per person!! Please come and join us with ones you care.