144,000 peaceful prayers of the world ~ pray peace for each countries ~
A Prayer for the 144,000 Peace Prayers in the world.

The theme of 2017 is
Pray peace for each countries

144,000 peaceful prayers 2017 Special guest participation schedule

Tour plan

144,000 peaceful prayers 2017
Only 80 guests are invited to the tour!!

We will hold a special 'prayer bus tour' for our event "144,000 Peaceful prayers 2017"!!
Convenient and good price! It is a special tour that you can also enjoy sightseeing in Kochi and limited to 80 people only.

We have only 10 seats remaining. (As of 11th Oct, 2017)

* If you wish to participate in the event of "peaceful prayers", you must sign up for the tour.
* There will be no additional recruitment plans. The application will be closed as soon as the number of participants reaches the limit.

A tour for two nights of praying for world Peace.
About price

Message from Executive Committee President Masahiro Ogawa Before hosting

I thank you to everyone who involved in the event of "144,000 World Peace Prayers" last year.
I appreciate everyone who participated in 138 lecture meetings that held in nationwide, 15,000 people who wrote on prayer plates / apology sentences, members of "Onago no kai", friends from facebook and Line who prayed together with me.
I'll move on to the new era of consciousness by praying even closer this year so your further support and guidance will be a great help.
Now, this year, the event of "144,000 world peaceful prayer" will be held in Kochi. Dates are the same as last year, 21th and 22nd October.
Funai Forum 2017 will also be held on 23rd and 24th September.
The theme of "144,000 peaceful prayers of the world" for this year will be "pray peace for each countries."

~A concrete message has arrived from Messiah Major.~

6 year plan for 144, 000 peace pray

In the first year, 2016, 144,000 peaceful prayers pray for peace and apologize.

World Peace from Japan.
A prayer plate for Peace by those living in Japan.
· A memorial service of warriors of Sengoku era. · Pray in silence. (memorial service for the 416th anniversary of a death.) Only on 21st October.

Apologize for many battles, crimes and sins that Japanese have committed in Japan.
By apologizing, we eliminate past sins and feelings that remain in our own heart.
Apologies for friends, acquaintances, family, and all.
· hand in hand with God and 1,000 people.

In the second year, 2017, 144, 000 peaceful prayers pray for each nations to be in peace and apologize.

In the second year, 2017, 144, 000 peaceful prayers pray for each nations to be in peace and apologize.
·144,000 peaceful prayers of the world (to pray)
· World Peace prayers plates (burn)
· Apology statement (shed in water)

In 2017, 144, 000 peaceful prayers pray for each nations to be in peace and apologize.
In virtue of invention and development of ships and airplanes, we can now travel across the world freely.
I went to many countries and learned a lot of things.
I've got a lot of love in the countries I visited, and I enjoyed traveling.

We have many reasons to travel abroad such as just to visit, to work, or to migrate, and so on.
But 160 years ago, people in Japan could not even think about going to other countries without restraints.
The reason why we can travel freely is the relationship between the countries are working well.
I may have done some mistakes and could've hurt someone by my word or attitude without knowing it.
Because there is no fight, because the country is calm, those countries accepted us in work, sightseeing and emigration.
However, there was a war in the countries I went in the past.
I have made mistakes due to the difference in the country.
We can travel to other countries because they accepted us. Did we even thanked for that?
Did we pray for the peace of these countries when we go?

Although living in the same earth, there still are the difference between "my country" and "the other countries."
The earthlings should be the one big family. But as we see, human beings doesn't stop quarrel with their brothers and sisters.
Fighting over the territory is the same as disputing about inheritance.
Is it okay to break the land you keep from the same parent (Earth) with inheritance fight?
How long will you keep fighting?
After the fight between brothers and sisters, the body of the mother earth became tattered and the end could be tomorrow.
The mother earth will be destroyed soon unless most of you change the conscious now.
If the mother dies, you children will die as well.
Let's make a big turn of consciousness by stopping all the scramble and the fight now.
For that, it is important to pray for happiness of other countries.
The reason we can visit other countries is related to the past life.
From the memory that you were born and lived in these countries in the past life, you can also visit there as a traveler, a worker, or an immigrant in the present life.
Then again, those who went to other countries for more than 18 times are not only due to the reincarnation, but also the results of warp from the spaceship.

· October 21st: the day of War · Struggle · Remembrance · Tacit prayer (in the memory of 417kaiki, the anniversary of death)
· 1, 000 people pray for peace hand in hand. (connect)
· Collect donation money

In the third year, 2018, 144,000 peaceful prayers pray for the earth and apologize.

Read out the name of the god of the world that exists on the earth.
· About 1,900 names of Gods.

In the fourth year, 2019, 144,000 peaceful prayers pray for the stars. (the space between a star and a star.)

Read out the name of the stars.
Pray for space between a star and a star.

Remnants of satellites and rockets that has outlived its usefulness are hovering in outer space.
They once were the great developments...
But now it's called "space debris", garbage of the universe.
A lot of space debris is coming out from satellites launched by Russia, the United States, and China.
The important thing now is not to accuse someone of responsibility, but to find the way to collect the debris and who does so.
If everyone could pick up the space debris instead of fighting against other countries, both the earth and the universe could be much cleaner.
This is not the times to launch some satellites nor rockets, but the era of picking, gathering, and burning all the garbage.

If the magnetic force of the universe changes even just a little, space debris will be a seriously dangerous weapon that shoots everything all at once.
Only very few of debris enters the atmosphere and burns out.
Debris that bigger than 5 cm makes the outer space as hell full of assassins.
Not even sure "Picking up, gathering, burning" can be fulfilled with technology of electricity.
This cannot be called evolution nor development unless human dispose those inventions such as space debris and nuclear weapons themselves.
Let's decide the cleaning schedule by publicizing the existence of the garbage.
But before we do, everyone should gather up and have a conference.
Let's all pray together. Let's pray while watching the universe all together with 144,000 people.
12th September. ...Pray. The crisis of the universe is right there.
Cleaning of space debris over 5 cm is our big issue for us, living in the future earth.
It is a national problem.
The theme: "Remnants of satellites and rockets are hovering in outer space!!"

In the 5th year, 2020, 144,000 peaceful prayers pray for the universe. (truth, root)

Air, Oxygen, Sky, Wind, Water, etc. Read aloud all names that keeps us alive.
Example: I appreciate the air for keeping me alive.
Exhibition of the Patchwork-Mandala.

2021 ... We'll have a great celebration of collaboration.

Prayer of Homura

In any cultures in the world have deified the "fire" so it's said that from ancient times people made a large fire as clergymen like priest or medium prays so that the gods in the celestial would notice.

The traditions of burning fire to make the prayers and wishes to come true have been inherited from generation to generation and to now remains as festivals such as "Sagicho*" or "Donto*" in Japan. (both are the festivals with bonfire.)

The meaning of the "prayer of the fire" and the "pentagram."

In the "prayers of the fire", we pray for the peace of the earth and human society with bonfire that shape of pentagram ( five-pointed star) and let prays and wishes of 144,000 peaceful prayers sublime by fire at Myojuolaieiji, where big white statue of Kobo daishi (Kukai) watches over.

So why was the furnace of 144, 000 peaceful prayers designed with unusual pentagram shape?

The secret is in " Kokuzo Gumonji-ho", the Buddhist training to improve memory also known as Akashic records that Kukai completed at Muroto.

The mantra (shingon) is said to be "words of spells" or "secret words", but in the esoteric Buddhism that Kukai held, the mantra (shingon) is a very important words.

It is a "mysterious power" that goes beyond "words" and is considered to express Nyorai (Tathagata), Bosatsu (Bodhisattva), Myoo (Wisdom King), and Syoten (various deities) itself.

To connect with the Buddhas (light, power, wave motion) that exists in the higher dimension, the awakening of everyone participating beyond religion becomes a great force.

For everyone to reach a state of the enlightenment and raise the dimension, we needed to borrow the power of Kokuzo-Bosatsu at a place remembered in connection with Kukai. And to express the Kongokai (Diamond World) of Kongo-Mandala, as said is also connected to Big five Kokuzo-Bosatsu in esoteric Buddhism, I designed the furnace a pentagram.

For everyone who coming on the day of the event, each one of you are able to burn a "prayer plate" yourself at the venue with the furnace.

Let's pray together for the realization of world peace while subliming a messages for peace with fire.


In virtue of invention and development of ships and airplanes, we can now travel across the world freely.
I went to many countries and learned a lot of things.
I've received a lot of love.
I had great time because they welcomed me.
Now think about it. We can visit other countries because they accepts us, but were we even thankful for that?
Did we pray for the peace of these countries we went?
Because there is no fight, because the country is calm, they acceptance us in work, sightseeing and migration.
However, there was a war in the countries I went in the past.
I have made mistakes due to the difference in the country.
I may have done some mistakes and could've hurt someone by my word or attitude without knowing it.

How to write【Prayer plate of peace 2017 】
Write the names of the countries you visited onto the plate, one country per plate.

Fill in the word "I pray" in the end.

~For example~
☆ I pray for peace of Italy
☆ I pray for the peace of the culture and the country of Peru.
☆ I pray for the development of China

~How to apply for the Prayer plates~

Please give this "peaceful praying plate" (same as "Gomagi" a wood for burning with a holy fire) to someone important to you, people who understand our goal and would join us, as a prayer for the world to be in peace.

The price of the prayer plate for 2017 is up to you.

Reference price: It was 500 yen per plate in 2016.
Thank you for your cooperation.

《Transfer account》
Yucho Bank / 169 branch / current deposit / 42772
Account name: Sekai 144,000 nin no heiwa no inori zikkoiinkai (Executive committee of 144, 000 peaceful prayers.)

*Transfer fee between Yucho Banks are free.
*It is an account dedicated to the association of manage Peace prayers plates.

If you have any questions about prayer plates, please contact us.
Contact us via e-mail:pray@144000.jp

Purification of Wadatsumi(god of the sea)

~How to apply for an apology statement~

If you have any questions about "apology statement", please feel free to contact us.

Executive committee of 144, 000 peaceful prayers.
Masahiro Ogawa, the Executive Committee President
TEL: 090-3186-9800
Address: 4F Kawamura Building 1-7-7 Harimaya-cho Kochi-Shi, Kochi 780-0822 Japan
Contact us via e-mail:pray@144000.jp

To those who have difficulty coming to Muroto on the day

We set the "World Time of peace pray" as last year.

In "144,000 Peace Prayer", we set "World Time of peace pray" to pray at the same time so you can be at anywhere to participate even if it's hard to join us in Muroto, Kochi. And we can pray with our heart as one from all over the world.

Therefore, you can be anywhere; local, at work, even at home to participate in a prayer of Peace.

21nd October (Sat) 15: 00 ~

To align everyone's heart, "World Time of peace pray" starts at 15'o clock. When it comes to 15: 00, please chant the words of the peace written below, and devote "world Peace pray" together for about 5 minutes. Please cooperate on the day to pray together at 15: 00 toward the realization of "world Peace".

A Prayer for the 144,000 Peace Prayers in the world.
Prayer words(PDF)

"World Time of peace pray" starts from Pacifico  Yokohama

"World Time of Peace pray" starts from Funai Forum 2017 at Pacifico Yokohama on Saturday 23rd, September.

Funai Forum 2017

In a message from Messiah Major that Mrs. Ai Muranaka transmitted,
the second year, 2017, is a year for 144, 000 peaceful prayers to pray for each nations to be in peace and to apologize.
And the goal is to pray for peace with 1,000 people hand in hand.
At Pacifico Yokohama, Masahiro Ogawa the president of executive committee and Ai Muranaka, vice chairman , will take the platform as speakers and pray for world peace with 5,000 participants as one from 15:50 to 16:30 on Saturday 23rd September.

Pacifico Yokohama venue

This will resonate to Muroto, the venue of the event on 21st October, and be the great experience to work on changing the consciousness of people in the world.
Let's open the way to superconscious for peace together with the special time which will happen in Funai Forum 2017, titled "Awakeness of superconscious".

Funai Forum 2017 pamphlet

Download pamphlet(PDF:4.7MB)

Application for Funai Forum 2017 is here

Nationwide briefing session by Executive Committee President Masahiro Ogawa.

144,000 peaceful prayers ~ pray peace for each countries ~ lectures and explanatory
meetings are successfully being held around the country!!

【Speaker】Masahiro Ogawa, president of the executive committee of 144, 000 peaceful prayers.

* We are looking for volunteers who can organize or help us with the event with the notation of "Schedule to be held".
* The place with notation of ”We will hold!” is that only schedules and holdings are confirmed but yet not the venue.

Participation fee (It may differ for each venue.)

◎General participation fee 3,000yen

◎Members of the Earth keeper Crystal Association, members of the Funai head office group (Ningen Club, The Funai subscribers, etc.), and those who cooperated with prayer plates and apology statement for 144,000 peaceful prayers 2016, can participate the event with only 2,500 yen (tax included)!!

Please come and join us with someone you care.

"8000 people's association" starting in 2018

If 144,000 people are alive on the Earth,
human beings can keep the power to live.

If 144,000 people fosters love on the Earth,
human beings can leave offspring.

If 144,000 people can change the consciousness,
human beings can change the future.

If 144,000 people look up to the sky in the same place,
human beings can stop the war and conflict that man has caused.

If 144,000 people get sick at the same time,
144,000 of human will commit suicide for the fear of death.
Human beings will lose reasons to live and their hearts will be destroyed.

If 144,000 people survive on the Earth
the human race can live on.

8,000 of the 144,000 survivors on the Earth will be Japanese.

If consciousness of 144,000 people changes,
humans living on the Earth will work for the same goal in the same position.

We'll launch "the gathering of 8,000 Japanese" from 2017.
And with the prayer of few, who has pure heart we'll build new society, new Utopia!

We've decided to assemble the members of "the gathering of 8,000 Japanese" for the next 5 years.

And from 2018 "the year of the birth",
we'll start to build "a new society".

Let's aim for create the society of 100% self-sufficiency in the peaceful world with the members of "the gathering of 8,000 Japanese"!

"144,000 peaceful prayers" in 2016

You can see what the event was like in 2016 via pictures and movies.

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