144,000 peaceful prayers of the world ~ pray peace for each countries ~

Report of the event

【Date】 21st and 22nd October, 2017

144,000 peaceful prayers 2017

21st October 2017: 144,000 world peaceful prayers 2017
Thanks to you, the event has finished successfully.

Even with typhoon No.21 approaching Kochi prefecture, we carried out both "Prayer of the fire" and "purification of Wadatsumi" safely by setting the time ahead.

66 members participated the tour in Kochi prefecture from all over the country, Hokkaido to Okinawa, even while the large and strong Typhoon No.21 was approaching.

We held the ceremony of "144,000 world peaceful prayers" at Myojyolaieiji (temple) in Muroto City, Kochi, with a member of 86 including guests , volunteers and staffs.

We got many heartfelt support this year.

Thanks to everyone's help, we were able to hold a second year of peaceful prayers.

16,153 of "Prayer plate for Peace" were collected from around the world this year by the day before the event.
And with the plates that written on the day of the event, the number was about to over 16,200.
Also, 4,045 pieces of "apology statement" were collected
and with the pieces that filled in on the day, the number was about to 4,060.

It is a gathering of everyone's power of hope for whole year.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for
everyone who sponsored a lectures,
who supported the event,
who came to the lecture,
who cooperated with prayer plates,
who sent the apology statements,
who participated in Funai Forum,
who came to Kochi on the day,
who worked really hard on the day as a staff and a volunteer,
who participated in the tour,
and who gave prayers nationwide.

Thank you very, very much.

We also got Emails for reporting the prayers saying that "I prayed at the time of the World pray; 15 o'clock in Japan" from all over the country.

And of course, thank you so much for everyone who gathered for praying for the "time of World peace pray" and prayed together with us at 15 o'clock on Sat, October 21.

See how it was on the day of the event with some photos.
We hope you enjoy as like you participated.

October 31, 2017
Executive committee of 144, 000 peaceful prayers.

The day of "World peaceful prayers 2017".

This is how the day was like.

Prayer of Homura (the fire)

With Concern of the effect of the typhoon, we started the"Prayer of Homura" which is the "otakiage", to burn the prayer plates at 9 AM with helps of volunteers of Kochi.
We took turns and burnt all 16,200 pieces by 2 PM on 21st October.

Watching pieces with the wishes and the prayers written burns up and turning into smoke was very precious scene as like a seeing purification and sublimation itself.
A lady on the way of the pilgrimage from Australia joined us for a while. It was great to spend some moment together without any wall such as religion or race or so.

"2017 Prayer plate of peace" summary list by country

Afghanistan 73
Albania 10
Algeria 50
American Samoa 10
Andorra 48
Angola 45
Antarctica 10
Antigua andBarbuda 43
Argentina 50
Armenia 47
Aruba 10
Australia 157
Austria 78
Azerbaijan 50
Bahamas 48
Bahrain 44
Bangladesh 61
Barbados 39
Belarus 53
Belgium 80
Belize 39
Benin 35
Bermuda 10
Bhutan 75
Bolivia, Plurinational State of 46
Bosnia and Herzegovina 48
Botswana 46
Brazil 82
Brunei Darussalam 42
Bulgaria 43
Burkina Faso 40
Burma 10
Burundi 38
Cambodia 88
Cameroon 45
Canada 116
Canary Islands 10
Cape Verde 42
Central African Republic 47
Chad 41
Chile 42
China 484
Colombia 45
Comoros 30
Congo 62
Congo, the Democratic
Republic of the
Cook Islands 10
Costa Rica 41
Côte d'Ivoire 43
Croatia 56
Cuba 49
Cyprus 44
Czechia 56
Democratic People's
Republic of Korea
Denmark 58
Djibouti 41
Dominica 40
Dominican Republic 38
Ecuador 46
Egypt 110
El Salvador 38
Equatorial Guinea 31
Eritrea 46
Estonia 45
Ethiopia 60
Faeroe Islands 10
Falkland Islands 10
Fiji 46
Finland 58
France 237
Gabon 42
Gambia 39
Gaza Strip 10
Georgia 15
Georgia 23
Germany 141
Ghana 47
Gibraltar 10
Greece 81
Greenland 10
Grenada 36
Guadeloupe 10
Guam 11
Guatemala 41
Guiana 10
Guinea 57
Guinea-Bissau 29
Guyana 37
Haiti 39
Holy See (Vatican City State) 17
Honduras 39
Hong Kong 10
Hungary 59
Iceland 45
India 174
Indonesia 141
Iran, IslamicRepublic of 68
Iraq 79
Ireland 60
Israel 169
Italy 170
Jamaica 44
Jan Mayen 10
Japan 1140
Jordan 45
Kazakhstan 38
Kenya 57
Kiribati 41
Korea, Republic of 360
Kosovo 13
Kuwait 48
Lao People's Democratic Republic 47
Las Malvinas 10
Latvia 47
Lebanon 52
Lesotho 43
Liberia 38
Libya 46
Liechtenstein 38
Lithuania 47
Luxembourg 41
Macau 10
Macedonia, the former
Yugoslav Republic of
Madagascar 45
Malawi 40
Malaysia 76
Maldives 57
Mali 46
Malta 43
Marshall Islands 43
Martinique 10
Mauritania 40
Mauritius 37
Mexico 189
Micronesia, Federated States of 47
Midway Island 1
Moldova, Republic of 36
Monaco 49
Mongolia 57
Montenegro 46
Morocco 50
Mozambique 44
Myanmar 87
Namibia 40
Nauru 41
Nepal 80
Netherlands 78
Netherlands Antilles 10
New Caledonia 10
New Zealand 90
Nicaragua 43
Niger 44
Nigeria 50
Niue 10
Northern Mariana Islands 10
Norway 53
Oman 51
Pakistan 65
Palau 63
Palestinian Territory, Occupied 10
Panama 29
Papua New Guinea 43
Paraguay 35
Peru 72
Philippines 102
Poland 58
Polynesia 10
Portugal 61
Puerto Rico 10
Qatar 51
Republic of Korea 11
Reunion 10
Romania 44
Russian Federation 219
Rwanda 46
Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic 10
Saint Kitts and Nevis 10
Saint Kitts and Nevis 32
Saint Lucia 32
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 34
Samoa 39
San Marino 35
Sao Tome and Principe 36
Saudi Arabia 56
Senegal 44
Serbia 31
Seychelles 36
Sierra Leone 36
Singapore 119
Slovakia 45
Slovenia 36
Solomon Islands 42
Somalia 49
South Africa 53
South Sudan 51
Spain 123
Sri Lanka 69
Sudan 54
Suriname 33
Swaziland 39
Sweden 53
Switzerland 83
Syrian Arab Republic 103
Taiwan, Province of China 83
Tajikistan 42
Tanzania, United Republic of 51
Thailand 133
The Earth 10
the United Kingdom 10
Tibet 13
Timor-Leste 44
Togo 36
Tonga 44
Trinidad and Tobago 35
Tunisia 45
Turkey 91
Turkmenistan 50
Tuvalu 40
Uganda 54
Ukraine 58
United Arab Emirates 55
United Kingdom 193
United States 822
Universe 31
Uruguay 41
Uzbekistan 43
Vanuatu 38
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 41
Viet Nam 105
Western Sahara 10
World 1285
Yemen 48
Yugoslavia 10
Zambia 43
Zimbabwe 48
Total of prayer plates from the world:
16,143 pieces

Purification of Wadatsumi(god of the sea)

Because of the weather we sailed out at 13:30, earlier than the schedule, for "Purification of Wadatsumi" which carries the "apology statements".

It was almost impossible to leave the port with high waves dashing over the seawall, but with the help of everyone from Muroto Fisher Cooperative Association, we were able to take out a ship.
Mr. Masahiro Ogawa the Executive Committee President and Mr. Hori the volunteer from Kochi risked their life sailing into such a big wave, but did throw the statements into the ocean successfully.

The statements melted immediately from the moment they touched the seawater and disappeared in a second into the white waves.
All the bad feelings and grudges that everyone had has melted together, purified.

Prayer for realization of world Peace

Formal sanpai (visit) to Tosa shrine in Tosa Ichinomiya.

I could feel the power built by each participant's heart from "Peaceful prayer plates" and "apology statements".
Ten female volunteers from Kochi put all the powers that gathered from all over Japan in order with love that asks nothing in return.

It is your support that we could hold "144,000 World Peaceful Prayer" successfully.
We could hold nationwide briefing sessions through this year because of those who supported us in each places.
We could gather a lot of "prayer plates" and "apology statements" because of everyone who cooperate and distributed them all.
And also, everyone who filled them in and raised funds.
"144,000 World Peaceful Prayers" is a big shining crystal of hope to the future, made by everyone who gathered their heart to it and cooperated.
Let me take this opportunity to say how thankful I am.
We truly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you very, very much.

Prayers that delivered to Mother Earth

For the event this year, an unexpected things happened: unseasonable huge typhoon.

However, Muroto City, Kochi, on 21st October, did not rain much nor heavy wind. Quite calm morning was there.

It exactly was "the calm before the storm".

Fortunately, the weather was not as bad as we expected and we could hold "the prayer of Homura" with the guide of Professor Ryosuke Shimada.

There were some names of the countries that I've never heard of written on the prayer plates.

I learnt there are still so many things that I don't know in the world.

We started the event with 13 of the staffs and the volunteers to sent the messages of peace to heaven by reading out one by one.

And when noon, the time of the opening ceremony comes close, it started to rain with few drops.

As the rain got intense, the tour participants arrived.

The weather was keep changing every moment.
The ocean in front of the venue was getting more and more rough, the weather was very unstable.

By the time we started the ceremony of Peace, the rain got harder and harder.

Although, everyone of tour participants, volunteers, and staff wearing raincoats, put an umbrella, got soaking wet, but still continued to burn the "prayer plates".

Then, a miracle of prayer occurred!

All the sudden, surprisingly, the rain stopped.

The rain strong as hard to look around and the storm strong as blow us all away stopped just like there was nothing.

The sky cleared up and we could see the beautiful big white statue of Kobo daishi (Kukai) very clearly.

For that time, we all rushed and finished all the burning.

By 2 PM we burned all the prayer plates and started cleaning up the venue, leaving only the main furnace.

When we cleaned almost everything up, it began to rain again.

Thanks to the prayers or so, the rain didn't pour while we were burning the plates.

With heavenly power, we finished the Otakiage: the event to burn plates safely.

By the time for "World Time of peace pray" at 15 o'clock, both rain and wind became stronger, but the main furnace remained burning and we chanted the words of the "144,000 world peaceful prayers" and prayed together.

With the weather, the situation on the day seemed to be the worst. But actually, the typhoon with the rain and the wind might had a important meaning for the event of "144,000 World Peaceful Prayer 2017"...

One of the participants said,

"The first rain was the rain of purification, and the second rain was the rain of joy."

Indeed, the feeling of the air were different between the first rain and the second.

That typhoon and two rain had a huge, great meaning.

The first rain was, the rain of purification.
Rain of purification and cleanse not only for ones who participated the event, but also for the energy of the prayer plates to sublimate.

And at the timing of the rain stopped, we all rushed and finished all the burning.

Then, the second rain came.

The second rain was, also, the rain of convey.

About 16,200 prayer plates of peace burned to ashes and smokes.

The ashes has carried away with rain into the ocean with the waves.

Then, it reached the Black Stream Current, which had been meandering sharp and had arrived off Muroto Cape that day.
In fact, if you look up on the marine chart of 20th to 25th of October, you can find that the Black Stream Current got very close to the venue by the Muroto Cape.

With the Current, now the ashes flows through the countries around the Pacific Ocean and the sea of the world, going around the earth!

Smoke that sublimed after burning rode updrafts, brought high to the atmosphere, and now traveling around the Earth!

Prayer plates were written to change consciousness of people, but moreover, it was to approach consciousness of the Mother Earth, the origin of mankind for the change. And after all, it was the whole meaning of this event.

From the consciousness of the Mother Earth to the consciousness of mankind.

In the first year, we weren't sure what's changing. But now, in the second year, gradually we're starting to understand.

The theme for next year, 2018 is "Prayer of peace for the Earth"

It sounds almost like philosophy, but we're looking forward to the change of the Earth and mankind for good.

Through Mrs. Ai Muranaka, we got some messages from "Messiah Major" after the event of peaceful prayers 2017.

【After completing the Peace prayer 2017】

Now that we have finished praying for Peace in Muroto,
everything went well, I think.

All the prayers and apologies also settled well.
They did great job as a messenger of god despite bad weather.

"Prayers of the fire" flowed to the whole world with the wind of the typhoon,
and apology statements of the "Purification of Wadatsumi(god of the sea)" flowed in the Kuroshio Current.
These two will cleanse the negative power of the world.

Thank you everyone who wrote prayer plates and apology sentences from across the country, everyone who participated in the lecture, everyone who helped the event as staff.

On September 22nd (Sat) and 23rd (Sun) 2018,
We will hold a huge event of "peaceful prayer" at the National Great Hall of Pacifico Yokohama.

One who wish no more war rises up and asks another to join.
Everyone is smiling.
One asks another to join, and smiling together.
Peaceful prayers gush from bottom of the heart of smiling, happy people.

We would appreciate your continued support in 2018 as well.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and warm support.

To 144,000 fellows of light, united from all over the world.
May the peace be in the world.

We need your help

Please send us the pictures taken on the day that you participated.
Any photos are welcomed.
Like, landscapes of Muroto City, group photo, drunk photos at banquet, anything!
Please send us your memorial photos to the following e-mail address.

144,000 Peace Prayers memories Photos to:

We're planning to make these all photos into a memorial movie.

Sorry to trouble you but we appreciate your cooperation.

Toward the event in 2018 ...Join us with "The plate of peace"

The plate of peace

- How to apply for the Prayer plates -

Please give this "peaceful praying plate" (same as "Gomagi" a wood for burning with a holy fire) to someone important to you, people who understand our goal and would join us, as a prayer for the world to be in peace.

The price of the prayer plate for 2018 is up to you.

Reference price: It was 500 yen per plate in 2016. Thank you for your cooperation.

《Transfer account》
Yucho Bank / 169 branch / current deposit / 42772 Account name:
Sekai 144,000 nin no heiwa no inori zikkoiinkai (Executive committee of 144, 000 peaceful prayers.)

※ Transfer fee between Yucho Banks are free.
It is an account dedicated to the association of manage Peace prayers plates.

If you have any questions about prayer plates, please contact us.
Contact us via e-mail: pray@144000.jp

How to write【Prayer plate of peace 2018 】

The theme of "144, 000 World Peace Prayers 2018" is "Apologies to God" and "Gratitude to God".
Please write "I appreciate to God of 〇〇" in the Prayer plate of peace 2018.
We'll choose 1, 900 names of gods and let you know.
Gods made "mistakes" like we do, but on the other hand, blessed us with grace and mercy.
So next year, our "prayer" will be thanking and apologizing to gods.

List of God's names (PDF: 1.2 MB)

In 2018, we will hold a event at the National Great Hall of
Pacifico Yokohama with 5000 participants on 22nd and 23rd September.


The theme is "prayer and apology for the Earth".
Japan, which plays a role as a model of the world.
The only nation to have been hit by nuclear bombs.
The nation that has Article 9 of the constitution that to renunciation of war.
Let's each of us Japanese citizens wake up to our consciousness and role, regain the pride of being a Japanese, gather together for world peace, hand in hand, act as a defender of the Earth. And it is a gathering that cast peace on the world from Japan.

144,000 are not the ones that are "chosen."
Everyone who wants to give and send the energy of love to the Earth and to the others can be the one of the 144,000.
If these ones whose consciousness woke up can sympathize about "love and peace", the future of the Earth will change.

5,000 people with the same will and praying for the future without war with hopeful children gathers on 22nd and 23rd September, 2018 at Pacifico Yokohama.

Not someone but YOU should be the hero, rise up, and start the action.
This gathering will be the beginning of a new era.

Please, convey about this event to people who has the same will with us.
Not the power of organizations, but the power of the individuals is needed to change the world.
One who wish no more war rises up and asks another to join.
Everyone is smiling.
One asks another to join, and smiling together.
Peaceful prayers gush from bottom of the heart of smiling, happy people.
With this will, we hold the event of "144,000 world peaceful prayers".

It has been three years since the "144,000 world peaceful prayers" started.
Over 30,000 people cooperated with "peaceful prayer plates" during the 2 years of 2016 and 2017.

We would like to express to all of you our gratitude for your kindness. Thank you very much.

The year of 2018 will be the big step towards casting the peace on world by prayers with 5,000 who has the same will. It'll be the great challenge to gather at same place, same time, and pray together.

For finale, everyone will united by heart, and we'll have the happiest moment ever!
Please come join us to this gatherings of 5,000 with someone who you care..

144,000 peaceful prayers of the world 2017
A Prayer for the 144,000 Peace Prayers in the world.

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